Dropracks is engineered to be compact and look like any ordinary rack in driving position.

- Drop it down and load it with 75 kgs.

- Crank it back up and you are ready to go.

Check out the product demonstration video below!

Slide it

Grab the handle, release the locking mechanism and slide it horizontally out.

Drop it

Dropracks drops smoothly down while pressing the safety switch.

Load it

Simply load it with your favorite gear at comfortable height.

Lift it

Anyone can easily crank their fully loaded Dropracks back on the roof without a hazzle.

Lock it

When you are locked and loaded, you are ready to roll out.

Stack it!

Pack it!

Rack it!

Technical Features

Carry Anything

Simply pull down

Weather proof

Fits any car

Safety switch

Lifting Assistance


Load 75 Kg

Easy Installation


Winter Sports

What would you bring?

Water Sports

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