Where can i buy Dropracks?

Dropracks is still under development. While you wait for the product to finish, you can enter your email here and we will update you when sales are ready.

When is the product ready for sale?

We aim to start production and sales in 2018.

What is the price?

The price is not set yet because of negotiation with producers and distribuion channels.

Can I use my existing bike and kayak carriers from my old roof rack?

Yes, if your old sport carriers is compatible with standard T-tracks, they are also Dropracks compatible.

Do I need a regular roof rack as base under the Dropracks?

You do not need a regular roof rack. Dropracks is a stand alone roof rack. However, you will need to have loading feets that fits your car.

Is Dropracks compatible with all cars?

Most cars are roof rack compatible. Dropracks fits standard load carrier feets for any car roof. Dropracks is unfortunately not cabriolet compatible.

What is the loading capacity, and how many kilograms am I allowed on my car roof?

The loading capacity is 75 kgs.
Most new cars have 100 kgs max roof load limit. You find information about your cars loading capacities in your car registration documents or instruction manual.

What is the weight of the Dropracks

20 kgs.

How do I mount Dropracks?

Dropracks comes in subassemblies, with no subassembly heavier than 10 kgs. One person can mount Dropracks on the car alone.

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